Thursday 23 March 2017

Want a robot to help with your house move?

Robots and artificial intelligence is maturing at a rapid pace. We are starting to see aspects of AI influencing nearly every aspect of our lives from the Amazon Alexa becoming a prominent accessory in many UK households to allowing our cars to actively sense it's surroundings and avoid accidents.

The main reason for this advancement has been due to something which scientists have developed called "Deep Learning". This enables a system to learn using a large amount of data and then to conduct actions on that learning. After all, the concepts behind AI have been around for many years, but it's only through recent improvements in the technology, that it's finally become viable and having an impact on our daily lives.

TaxiVan is a removal and delivery firm that has always strived to stay ahead in the logistics and transportation space. Our engineers have designed an AI system called Eliza which connects to an API and a cloud based data layer. Within the API there is connectivity to cognitive technology which allows our machine to learn and provide a level of service which is truly cutomised to every individual customer. What you end up with is essentially a delivery and removals service which is second to none.

From providing competitive prices through gauges on user sentiment to a stream of communication which always keeps the customer informed. To a high level engagement with our driving staff to constant flow of data back to head quarters. And within all of this is contained the ability to learn and improve every aspect of the delivery process.

The robot delivery is finally here and her name is Eliza!

Download now and experience a delivery or removal like you have never done before:

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