Friday 24 March 2017

Bespoke Delivery Service for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

As a small to medium sized business it is vital that you leverage on all the professional support available to sustain your operation on a daily basis. Small to medium sized businesses have the autonomy to decide how they operate and getting a reliable delivery company involved to assist is critical to it's success.

To moving products the last mile, to delivery to sales stores, to getting ready for an event or exhibition. Small to medium sized businesses have a heavy reliance on the services provided by TaxiVan.

Our existing customers in London have include event management companies, letting agents, construction companies, night clubs and even restaurants. Delegating the delivery capabilities to a professional mover like TaxiVan is fundamental to the success of a small to medium sized business and allows the business to grow. It alleviates the need to hire or buy a van and employ a delivery person, thereby saving on working capital that can be deployed elsewhere. Not to mention eradicating a depreciatory asset from the balance sheet which has other advantages.

TaxiVan is well versed in assisting businesses in and around the capital and you can have a non-obligatory discussion with a member of our team. Just call 0208-361 8236 or send an email to 
The business delivery service

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