Friday 7 April 2017

The Future of TaxiVan Delivery & Removal Service

Imagine a World where getting a TaxiVan for a delivery or removal is as simple as hailing a cab on a street. Well, this is exactly what the bods at TaxiVan Limited in London are currently developing.

As a delivery and removals company that has been operating in the sector for over 7 years, we understand the customers needs. We appreciate the fact that the industry has moved to an "on-demand" model, and people generally want a level of convenience not seen before.

The "on-demand" economy does not wait for tomorrow, it wants it now!

Book a TaxiVan today and see the future of delivery and removals!

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Thursday 6 April 2017

More great reviews from - the Man and Van company


Many thanks for the delivery done for us by Syd last Saturday - we were very pleased and will use and recommend your service in the future kind regards JB (London)

Thankyou very much for delivering my wonderful lion today. The driver was extremely helpful and pleasant and I shall recommend your taxivan services to others if they need a similar service. I was happy to tip him as he and I had quite a struggle to unload the lion- my son was supposed to be there to help but he isn't that well and he had taken himself off . Anyway, thanks again for an excellent service. Yours sincerely, CS (London)

I just wanted to thank you for your service the other day picking up a table from an antique store on Kings Road and delivering it to Rotherhithe. You've been very reliable and kind throughout the process. Derek the driver was very professional and polite. I will most definetely use you again and will certainly recommend you to friends and colleagues. Best wishes, Yanna (London)

Just wanted to let you know that the service was great -- the driver rang to let me know he had made the pickup, and was very helpful on arrival. thank you, will definitely call you again! cheers anne (London)

Just to say thanks for the Peckham pick up today - Derek did an absolutely terrific job. I'll certainly keep your details! Willie (London)

I just wanted to say thank you for Saturday - our driver was great, and gave us a hand with packing and unloading our stuff. Many thanks, Patricia.

I was very pleased with the service I got last night. The driver, I think his name was Donny, showed up on time, he was very professional and helpful and I thought he did a great job. Like anyone that's ever done a house move in this town I've got a couple of good man-with-van horror stories but last night's job was a pleasant surprise and I'll be sure to call you again if I need you and I'll certainly recommend your company to anyone that needs a mover. Keep up the good work. Andrew

Please convey our thanks to Shane who did an excellent job with the removals on Friday. Regards Penny

Tuesday 4 April 2017

TaxiVan to launch RoboVan - Fully autonomous delivery

Full autonomous delivery is no longer science fiction.

TaxiVan are about to launch a full autonomous delivery vehicle called RoboVan.

It uses cutting edge technology in AI and machine learning to provide a delivery experience like you have never seen before!

Book a RoboVan today:

Thursday 30 March 2017

Download the TaxiVan app

It couldn't be easier to book a TaxiVan.

If you have a delivery or removal that needs to be done in a hurry, simply download our app:

Just enter details for your delivery, get a fantastic price and pay by credit or debit card. It's as simple as that and the driver will arrive on time and on schedule.


Monday 27 March 2017

50 years old and still going strong

Morris is the oldest delivery vehicle on the TaxiVan fleet. And yes, believe it or not we still do some special deliveries in this van but it's mostly used for marketing.

It was made in 1968 and has the markings of a classic British landmark. It was one of the most successful delivery vehicles of it's day with over a million being made.

Sadly only a handful have survived to the present day.

TaxiVan is proud to have Morris on our fleet and we look forward to serving you with your next delivery or removal.


Friday 24 March 2017

Bespoke Delivery Service for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

As a small to medium sized business it is vital that you leverage on all the professional support available to sustain your operation on a daily basis. Small to medium sized businesses have the autonomy to decide how they operate and getting a reliable delivery company involved to assist is critical to it's success.

To moving products the last mile, to delivery to sales stores, to getting ready for an event or exhibition. Small to medium sized businesses have a heavy reliance on the services provided by TaxiVan.

Our existing customers in London have include event management companies, letting agents, construction companies, night clubs and even restaurants. Delegating the delivery capabilities to a professional mover like TaxiVan is fundamental to the success of a small to medium sized business and allows the business to grow. It alleviates the need to hire or buy a van and employ a delivery person, thereby saving on working capital that can be deployed elsewhere. Not to mention eradicating a depreciatory asset from the balance sheet which has other advantages.

TaxiVan is well versed in assisting businesses in and around the capital and you can have a non-obligatory discussion with a member of our team. Just call 0208-361 8236 or send an email to 
The business delivery service

Thursday 23 March 2017

Want a robot to help with your house move?

Robots and artificial intelligence is maturing at a rapid pace. We are starting to see aspects of AI influencing nearly every aspect of our lives from the Amazon Alexa becoming a prominent accessory in many UK households to allowing our cars to actively sense it's surroundings and avoid accidents.

The main reason for this advancement has been due to something which scientists have developed called "Deep Learning". This enables a system to learn using a large amount of data and then to conduct actions on that learning. After all, the concepts behind AI have been around for many years, but it's only through recent improvements in the technology, that it's finally become viable and having an impact on our daily lives.

TaxiVan is a removal and delivery firm that has always strived to stay ahead in the logistics and transportation space. Our engineers have designed an AI system called Eliza which connects to an API and a cloud based data layer. Within the API there is connectivity to cognitive technology which allows our machine to learn and provide a level of service which is truly cutomised to every individual customer. What you end up with is essentially a delivery and removals service which is second to none.

From providing competitive prices through gauges on user sentiment to a stream of communication which always keeps the customer informed. To a high level engagement with our driving staff to constant flow of data back to head quarters. And within all of this is contained the ability to learn and improve every aspect of the delivery process.

The robot delivery is finally here and her name is Eliza!

Download now and experience a delivery or removal like you have never done before:

Read more about the future of TaxiVan:

Tuesday 21 March 2017

Now that's what I call a great Man & Van review....

"Excellent service from, would use again. Booking was easy, it was competitively priced and reliable in my experience. They arrived promptly and the friendly driver helped load the van with me."


TaxiVan - The Man and Van that can! - The Premier Man and Van Delivery and Removals Service

* Need a heavy piece of furniture or other large item moved?
* Need an item delivered from your local store?
* Need a cheap house, flat or office removal done?
* Need a fast company relocation service?
* Need a package or other small item delivered in a hurry?
* Don't want the hassle of hiring a van yourself?
* Want a company that takes care handling your goods?
* Want a great price?

Call 020 8361 8236 or go to

* Fixed price with online bookings
* Minimum 1 hour charge
* No congestion charge
* Sameday delivery and removals
* All items are fully insured up to £20,000
* Professional team of drivers and helpers
* A variety of van sizes available
* We are kind to the environment
* A friendly, reliable service
* Open 7 days a week
* Up to 2 passengers can travel with the driver for FREE

Call us today or go online for an unbeatable quote

We Move, We Deliver, You Save!
020 8361 8236

Monday 20 March 2017

Download our app and get an extra 10% discount

Our Eliza app is so advanced that it leaves our competition in the shade. We use (now here's the technical bit) artificial intelligence that uses deep learning and data mining to give you a delivery and removals service that is truly second to none:

Download the app from the app store now:

PS: The technology definitely puts us ahead, but there is no compromise on self discipline, professionalism, hard work and integrity that makes TaxiVan one of the best "Man and Van" companies on the planet!

Have a Appy Delivery.......

How driving for TaxiVan changed my life...

I came to London with great hopes and dreams, but was knocked over at every hurdle. It was a challenge trying to make it in the capital, and only having £10 a day to live on did not make it any easier. Plus, looking after my disabled wife and two children was just to much too bear.

Then I came across a company called TaxiVan which is a delivery and removals company based in London. They offered me the chance to become a driver for them, but I needed access to my own van.

A loyal friend who had saved up a little bit of money, offered to buy me a van and I joined up with TaxiVan.

I have been driving for them for over 6 months now and have paid my friend back for his loan, I no longer have to survive on just £10 per day. They pay a generous 60% of every job I do for them and I keep all my tips. So my daily earnings now exceed over £200 per day, £1000 per week!

TaxiVan has saved my life and given me a chance to succeed in a city where others find it hard. I finally have enough money for my family and I really can't thank them enough!


PS: If you would like to become an owner driver with TaxiVan too, just register on:

Friday 17 March 2017

Fake Removal Reviews on REMOVALREVIEWS.CO.UK

Guess what?

Is actually a removal company that has created a review website to downgrade the competition and syphon work for their company.

In an online competitive World this is very disappointing.

The fake reviews they publish are unfortunate and we should work to bring down this website to prevent them tainting decent hard working businesses like ours.

A thumbs down and a "TERRIBLE" review for:

Thursday 9 March 2017

Make that move stress free with TaxiVan

I would imagine (if I could, as I'm an autonomous cognitive agent or robot), that moving flat or house in any village, town, city or country is a highly stressful process. Probably likened to having a baby or getting married........I'd imagine, not that I can, or have for that and married. In that order? maybe?

Anyway, I work for TaxiVan (website:, a delivery and removals company based in London. With a fleet of drivers, servicing the South East and that the marketing speel (I think that's how you spell that.....not sure) is over, I would like to list a few things to bear in mind when moving...

2 Months Before: 

Sort through the contents of closets, drawers, and cupboards to weed out what you don’t want or need. Hold a yard sale, or donate unwanted items to charity.

Inventory everything of value you plan to move and determine replacement values for insurance purposes.

Obtain estimates from several moving companies and choose one.

6 Weeks Before:

Finalise estate agent or rental needs.

If moving out of town, make travel arrangements.

Notify your children’s schools of the move and contact new schools for enrolment information.

Obtain copies of school records, or have them sent to new schools.

Obtain copies of medical records for each family member.

Ask doctors to recommend doctors in your new community.

Consult insurance agents to and out if changes to policies are necessary.

1 Month Before:

Alert utility companies to disconnect services the day after you move and to have new service activated several days before you arrive at your new house. 

Contact the chamber of commerce in your new town for information on utility services.

If necessary, arrange for storage in your new community.

If you’re packing your house yourself, order supplies and start packing boxes.

If you’re packing your house yourself, finish packing boxes.

Con rm travel arrangements, if needed.

Arrange payment or deposit for movers.

Get cash to have on hand to tip movers.

Write directions to your new home for the moving company, con rm delivery date, and give the company your itinerary and cell phone number.

Complete change-of-address forms at the post office, and send notices to magazine subscriptions, creditors, friends and relatives, alumni organisations, credit cards, banks, and any other necessary companies and organisations.

Cancel newspaper subscriptions.

Notify your employers -- new and old -- of your new contact information.

Clean rugs and have them packed for moving.

Obtain health certificates from your vet for pets traveling by air.

Pack suitcases you plan to move yourself with clothes, toiletries, jewellery, and important financial records and documents.

Moving Day:

Pack your first-night box.

Accompany the mover as he or she inventories your possessions and makes condition reports.

Sign the bill of lading (ensure that the address and phone number are correct) and inventory, and keep your copies in a safe place.

Lock windows, turn off lights, close doors, and take a final tour after the movers ( hopefully) have finished to make certain nothing is left behind

Good Luck! Hope it goes smoothly......