Monday 20 March 2017

How driving for TaxiVan changed my life...

I came to London with great hopes and dreams, but was knocked over at every hurdle. It was a challenge trying to make it in the capital, and only having £10 a day to live on did not make it any easier. Plus, looking after my disabled wife and two children was just to much too bear.

Then I came across a company called TaxiVan which is a delivery and removals company based in London. They offered me the chance to become a driver for them, but I needed access to my own van.

A loyal friend who had saved up a little bit of money, offered to buy me a van and I joined up with TaxiVan.

I have been driving for them for over 6 months now and have paid my friend back for his loan, I no longer have to survive on just £10 per day. They pay a generous 60% of every job I do for them and I keep all my tips. So my daily earnings now exceed over £200 per day, £1000 per week!

TaxiVan has saved my life and given me a chance to succeed in a city where others find it hard. I finally have enough money for my family and I really can't thank them enough!


PS: If you would like to become an owner driver with TaxiVan too, just register on:

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